Call Centre

Call Centre sample (0:26)

What its about

Confusion and misunderstanding

Inspired by the old call and response spirituals but applied to a modern call centre where the caller gets a menu with 24 options and chooses the wrong one and gets the wrong response and the conversation becomes more and more bizarre while the music chugs along in the background while the caller is on hold ... (any of this sound familiar?)

How it was written

The song was written on the guitar using an open G tuning: from the 6th to the 1st string the tuning is DGDGBD play

Messing about with different chord shapes in the first few positions on the guitar led to the basic song. Add a fastish tempo and away we go

Verse chords (0:13)
Call Centre verse chords
Chorus chords (0:13)
Call Centre chorus chords

Putting these chords through a chord analyser is an interesting exercise but basically they are all variants of the key chord G plus the usual suspects C D and F