Chorley Cakewalk

Chorley Cakewalk sample (0:36)

What its about

A traditional cakewalk competition performed annually in Chorley Lancashire in which the winner receives a prize of a Chorley Cake which is a pastry filled with currants

Actually its just a piece of wishful thinking. Chorley Cakes actually exist and a cakewalk is a real dance but nobody has linked them together ... yet

How it was written

A piece of cake (alright enough of the puns). The verse and chorus are fairly straightforward pieces of fun based on cakewalk and reggae rhythms but the ending uses a cross-rhythm

A cross-rhythm (or polyrhythm) is two different rhythms played at the same tempo. The simplest cross-rhythm is excitingly labelled "3 over 2" and is when one rhythm plays three beats to a bar and the other plays two

3 over 2 cross-rhythm with congas and low tom (0:03)
Same again with ride bell added for interest (0:03)

Such a simple idea lets you quickly build up incredibly dense and interesting sounds

Chorley Cakewalk ending uses cross-rhythms (0:12)

The ending uses an Afro-Cuban cross-rhythm called Abakua. If you like it why not try a Bintin or a Fanga (even the names are intriguing). You can get them on the Rhythms page of the hugely informative SongTrellis website