Do the Modulation

Do the Modulation sample (0:33)

What its about

Lots of chord changes

How it was written

Its based on the circle of fifths: a technique for playing all 12 keys in succession in a natural sounding way. You start in any key and then move up a fifth and just carry on like this. So starting in the key of A the sequence is A - E - B - F# - Db - Ab - Eb - Bb - F - C - G - D and back to A

Its great fun to play: like having 12 mini-songs in a single piece

Heres the bass riff (0:08)

Do the modulation bass riff

And a tasty variant (0:08)
Do the modulation bass riff variant
OTT guitar fun (0:08)
Do the modulation guitar riff

Go on have a go!