Dsus2 sample (0:26)

What its about

Nothing really!

For me the song simply conjures up a pleasant image of a field full of long grass in summer

What it does for you I dont know probably makes you despair of musicians

How it was written

The song grew from an interesting chord: the sustained second

Dsus2 chord tab (0:04)
Dsus2 tab

Things become really interesting when you detune the second string on a guitar from B to A and start messing around with the chord shapes and thats exactly how the song got written

Its also an interesting example of whether theres a natural tempo for a song. One thats not too fast or too slow. The original was originally recorded at 164bpm but eventually reduced to 148bpm. At this speed it feels more comfortable, somewhat less frenetic, but perhaps a bit laboured. Whaddya think?

The melody is based on the major seventh scale. The idea came from one of the late Ivor Mairants many books on guitar method, the Holy Book of Daily Exercises (and no, it doesnt have the status of a Holy Book, but it should have). The riff starts on the tonic (1st note) then moves to the supertonic (2nd note) played over modified D and A chords

Heres the melody line based on the major seventh scale in D played over the chords Dsus2 and A7sus4 (0:07)
Dsus2 melody

Yup thats definitely a field full of long grass in summer