Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo sample (0:40)

What its about

An indie rocker

An attempt to fuse Indian music and rock

How it was written

Indigo is one of the seven colours in the spectrum but our eyes are relatively insensitive to it and some people think it shouldnt be regarded as a colour in its own right. Nor can it be displayed exactly on a computer: Electric Indigo is the nearest equivalent

Did you know that there are 7 colours in the spectrum because Isaac Newton thought there was a relationship between the 7 notes in a musical scale and light! Surely this cant be? Life isnt this simple. Or is it ...

This little beauty is based on South Indian Carnatic music. Not of course to be confused with North Indian Hindustani music. And its got a hypnotic 7/4 dance beat. India-a-go-go! Seems an appropriate title for the sub-continents penchant for bright visual art and mysticism