Fancy That

Fancy That sample (0:37)

What its about

An expression of desire (I fancy that) or of surprise (fancy that it works)

Hopefully the first works for you but it was writ with the second in mind

How it was written

Its an experiment in musical form

Musicians accumulate loads of riffs over time and this seemed a fruitful way of using some of them to develop a full song

Songs are usually built up in sections. Typically an introduction, a verse, a chorus, a bridge, maybe an instrumental solo, and an ending. The song is then developed by repeating and varying these sections

So song development is about 2 things and 2 things only: Repetition and Variation

Thank god for that! Would that life was so simple

Its a common convention to label each section of a song with a capital letter. So a song with only one section would be labelled A. If the section is repeated it becomes AA. If its followed by a new section it becomes AAB. And so on. Variation is shown by a ' mark or by a number

So if you ever came across the label AABA' or AABA2 then you know its a song with a section repeated twice (AA) followed by a second section (B) finishing with a variation of the first section (A2)

A song with one repeated section (AA) is interesting in itself and folk songs and blues songs use this structure. Have a listen to Greened for example (yes its just a vehicle for an extended guitar solo but so what)

ABABAB is a common structure in pop and rock songs (A being the verse and B the chorus). This is a simple and effective song structure especially if there is a strong chorus. The downside is it can get a bit repetitive because of the lack of variation. Drone is an example hence the title

ABABCB2 is another common structure (A is the verse B the chorus C the bridge). Millions of good songs use this structure: it is simple, powerful and effective particularly for short pieces of music. It can also easily be developed by adding a starting section, an ending section, a solo and so on. Sometimes these sections are so interesting in themselves that they can be elaborated on to form really interesting new variations

Fancy That started life as a rondo (ABACAD) and of course didnt go according to plan. It eventually wound up being a variant of a palindromic structure (ABCDCBA) which revels in the label: arch form!