Jonah Wail

What it is about

Suppose you went for a swim, had a yawn, and swallowed a person?

This is the story of Jonah from the point of view of the whale.

How it was written

Honky Tonk

Jonah Wail riff
Jonah Wail riff

The main riff played on a honky tonk piano.

Whale bass

Jonah Wail bassline 1
Jonah Wail bassline 1

The main bassline.

More bass than whale

Jonah Wail bassline 2
Jonah Wail bassline 2

The second bassline.

Guitar whale

Jonah Wail slide guitar
Jonah Wail slide guitar

It is a challenge to write a realistic sounding digital slide guitar. However, this sounds pretty effective.

A slide guitar is usually in open tuning, typically open D or open G, which means retuning the strings. This one, though, can be played in standard tuning.

The slide emulates a wail (geddit?).

Tech spec

Title: Jonah Wail

Key: G

Tempo: 120bpm

Length: 3' 14"

Track 1: reed organ melody

Track 2: bassoon harmony

Track 3: honky tonk piano

Track 4: slide guitar

Track 5: fingered bass

Track 6: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock