Maramba Samba

Maramba Samba sample (0:31)

What its about

Heres a quote from Wikipedia

"Samba is one of the most popular forms of music in Brazil. It is widely viewed as Brazil's national musical style. This is not to be confused with the Zamba. The Zamba is a style of Argentine music, and an associated dance, very different from its homophone, the Samba"

Righty ho - so this song - a samba played on the banks of the Maramba River in Zambia - is just a confusion about alliteration

How it was written

Samba rhythm is terrific. Heres how this one was made

Peel the maracas (0:07)
Maramba Samba maracas
Add a twist of cabasa and stir in the other drums (0:07)
Maramba Samba rhythm

The Girl from Ipanema by Tom Jobim was a massive bossa nova hit in the 1960s and inspired some of the chord changes in this song. Maramba Samba is mostly in the key of F but interesting things happen when you start messing about with the chord shapes

Bossa nova on down (0:14)
Maramba Samba tabs

Or just forget the fancy chords and play Gm C7 and F