Medlar Jam

What it is about

Three songs for the price of one.

A fingerstyle guitar medley for you to jam along with.

How it was written

Medley is the perfect form for using all those old riffs stored away in the attic that have never seen the light of day. String a few of them together, fiddle with the joins, and, hey presto, a complete piece.

Medlar medley 1

Medlar Jam medley 1
Medlar Jam medley 1

The first medley sets the scene for the rest of the piece.

Theres lots of open strings, vibrato, hammer-ons, and, later in the piece, pull-offs.

The thumb plays an alternating bass to start with then switches to the melody in the last two bars.

Medlar medley 2

Medlar Jam medley 2
Medlar Jam medley 2

The figure shows an unusual fingering for a C chord in the second medley. It consists of the notes, CDGB, which one online chord analyser clocks as Cmaj7sus2.

The key of G is the best key to write fingerstyle guitar. All six of the open guitar strings are diatonic to the key. And it is the only key in which three open strings, GBD, form a major triad.

One major benefit of having a lot of open strings to choose from is that it allows unusual chords to be created from simple fingering positions up and down the keyboard. The Cmaj7sus2 might look complex but it is easy to finger in the seventh position.

Medlar medley 3

Medlar Jam medley 3
Medlar Jam medley 3

The third medley uses all the tricks. Open strings. Slurs. Vibrato. Hammer-ons. Pull-offs. Melody switching between the bass and treble. Plus the accent cycles back and forth between the on and off beats.

Get down and boogie!

Tech spec

Title: Medlar Jam

Key: G

Tempo: 100bpm

Length: 3' 07"

Track 1: nylon guitar fingers

Track 2: nylon guitar thumb

Genre: Pop, Rock