Oh no Mister Mole

Oh no Mister Mole sample (0:40)
Wind in the Willows

What its about

An homage to Wind in the Willows


Badger: Whats the latest fad then Toad?

Toad (croaks): Music

Badger (groans): I suppose it starts with you thrashing the drums eh?

Toad: croak

Ratty: But youll do something daft like change the rhythm from 4/4 to 5/4?

Toad: croak croak

Badger: And finish with a cheesy dance beat?

Toad: croak croak croak

Mole: It wont work Toady

Toad (hopping about and singing)

Oh no Mister Mole, You know youve been told, I dont take advice, From mice

How it was written

The story tells it all