Oi Vai

Oi Vai sample (0:28)

What its about

A yid rocker

Oi Vai is yiddish slang for Dear Me! Its an expression of surprise (or dismay) or delight (or hurt): like what happens when you listen to this song

How it was written

The melody is pentatonic (5 notes used out of the 12 available). The notes are 1, 4, 5, 9 and 10. These notes have been used many times before in many different ways, Ian Carrs Nucleus did a good version in 1970 interpreting it as a Balinese scale on Elastic Rock

The song was developed by changing the starting point of the melody and combining the altered melodies to create interesting harmonies

Heres the basic melody played in the key of B (0:07)
Oi Vai melody
... and the first variant with the melody starting on the third beat of the second bar (0:07)
Oi Vai melody variant 1
... and the second variant with the melody starting on the second offbeat of the first bar (0:07)
Oi Vai melody variant 2

Oi Vai indeed!