Serial Murder

Serial Murder sample (0:38)

What its about

Death by serialism

Or "50 ways to murder a song"

How it was written

Forget Roll Over Beethoven let Stockhausen Strut His Stuff

Main riff (0:06)
Serial Murder riff 1

There are 5 notes in the riff: E G# A B and D. Numbering them by intervals gives the set: 1 3 4 5 and b7. These numbers can be manipulated any old way. The song uses a simple approach by starting a new riff on a new interval (say 3 instead of 1) and keeping the order of the notes the same. This gives 5 different riffs. If these are then shared between the guitar and bass there are 20 possible harmonic combinations. Its then just a matter of working through them all to find something interesting

Heres an example with the bass playing the main riff and the guitar playing the sequence 4 5 b7 1 and 3. The drums and piano handle rhythm and dynamics

Serial Murder riff 2 (0:06)
Serial Murder riff 2

Join the sections together with chromatic runs and the songs finished!

Amazingly simple and effective method for writing stuff

All thats missing is some demon harmonica at the end. Anyone care to have a go?