Sixth Heaven

Sixth Heaven sample (0:31)

What its about

Not quite seventh heaven but plenty of sixths to admire

A melodic bluesy arrangement with a spacey, NewAgeish ending

How it was written

Paul Valery, a French polymath, neatly expressed the basic idea: "a poem is never finished, only abandoned". Tis the same with music

Its all about the problem of writing less than perfect songs, something all musicians are familiar with. The MIDI version was written quickly but the audio version just would not work. It took innumerable false starts and dead ends before the final version emerged and the whole process took well over a year

The differences between the original MIDI and the final audio are simple enough: the audio has a faster tempo, an extra rhythm guitar to give more dynamics, and a shorter ending. But it feels like almost a different song. Changing the tempo made the biggest difference, in fact its surprising how much of a difference it makes. The original MIDI was recorded at 140bpm (beats per minute) which is moderately fast but the final audio wound up at 156bpm, a fairly hefty increase

First 4 bars at 140 bpm (0:07)
Start of Sixth Heaven
Same again but 156 bpm (0:07)

All music is subjective but the original now sounds a bit turgid in comparison dont you think?

Crashing chords for the segue to the ending (0:06)
Sixth Heaven chords

Smashing stuff. Maybe worth a song in its own right?