Squawk sample (0:28)

What its about

Fowl play

Chicken dance, goose step, turkey trot, that sort of thing

How it was written

4 distinct sections: a bluesy bit a poppy bit and two reggae bits, spliced together, plus a drum-only ending

It wasnt designed that way, it just worked out like that. Initially it started by combining two 4-bar blues and pop riffs together. For some strange reason the image they invoked was of chickens dancing (dont ask). Since these were chirpy cheerful pieces it seemed appropriate to run them at a fast tempo which eventually worked out at a frenetic 192 bpm

If you like the image of chickens dancing try this (0:10)
Chicken run
Hen party (0:20)

Looking for ways to develop the song took an awful long time until one day the image of chickens dancing naturally lead to the idea of hens dancing which provoked the idea of changing the rhythm (hens obviously dance slower than chickens cos theyre older)

Thinking about hens naturally lead to roosters and bingo that had to be a slow reggae tempo (just halving the tempo to a leisurely 96bpm does the trick)

Rooster rock (0:20)
Rooster squawk

Combining all the sections together in a deliberate stop-start manner led to the final song

If any of this makes sense then you are probably a fellow musician. Otherwise it probably confirms your suspicion that all artists are fruitcakes