Stevenzen sample (0:27)

What its about

Being Steven: its a zen thing

Written for son Steven on his sixteenth birthday

How it was written

Steve wanted a song with loads of 60s and 70s stuff in it so this is what started it off. Theres a bit of Cream, a famous Deep Purple riff, and even some Stones buried away somewhere

Dm7 and G9 chords (0:17)
Stevenzen chorus chords

Theres three key changes in the song (two is never enough) starting with the chorus using just Dm and G but in interesting positions

The main verse is in E using two chords: an E7 and a hybrid D or A chord which the chord analyser programme clocks as an Amaj7 added 11th

To round off the key changes all the 60s and 70s stuff modulates to C#

Name This Chord (0:02)
Stevenzen verse chord

This would be a great song to play live as you could just use the verse and chorus as wrappers for as many old rockers as you want. Could even be used for a 20-minute guitar solo extravaganza. Bliss!