WIP sample (0:38)

What its about

... well ... theres a whip in the first 2 bars ...

... and a rattlesnake ...

... no ... really ...

... oh all right then ...

Its just another variant on a familiar theme: whens a song finished?

Hence the title: Work In Progress

How it was written

In sections

Start with the main riff based on the chords F# A E (0:06)
WIP melody
Figure out the rhythm. How about a fast 160 bpm beat? (0:06)
WIP rhythm
Work out the middle bit. Lets try changing the rhythm and adding a nice bass line (0:06)
WIP middle section
Add the coda, but make it different to the rest and try experimenting (0:12)

Started as a bit of fun trying to play all 12 notes in sequence on the bass starting with E (works if you cheat and use passing notes)

Exhausting, eh? Wheres that whip again ...