Alex in G

What it is about

Alexing: the art of being Alex.

Written for son Alexander on his eighteenth birthday.

How it was written

The song is in the key of G, hence the title, but pootles about a bit in D and C.

The scenic route to G

Alex in G chorus (0:14)
Alex in G chorus
Alex in G chorus

The chorus takes the road less travelled.

It is in the key of C and starts with the familiar C-F chord progression, the root moving down a fifth. Instead of then moving back to C or on to G, the root moves down a further fifth to Bb. The first three chords, C-F-Bb, now form a small part of a circle of fifths. The progression then moves from Bb to its relative minor, Gm, and finishes with a flourish in a modal change from G minor to G major. An unusual but effective route.

There are two composite rhythms in the chorus. The first three pairs of bars are 3+3+3+3+2+2/8, and each of the final pair of bars is 3+3+2/8.

Tech spec

Title: Alex in G

Key: G

Tempo: 132bpm

Length: 3' 38"

Track 1: trumpet melody

Track 2: trombone harmony

Track 3: nylon guitar

Track 4: jazz guitar

Track 5: distortion guitar

Track 6: bright piano

Track 7: electric piano

Track 8: grand piano

Track 9: fingered bass

Track 10: drumset

Genre: pop, rock