Here you will find new and original pieces of music.

Each piece has a short description of what it is about followed by more technical stuff about how it was written. This should interest the singers and musicians among you but listeners should also find it mildly diverting to find out how a song is created with just the usual blood sweat and tears.


You can buy the music from Bandcamp.


Singers, musicians and producers are welcome to perform the music live, broadcast it on TV, radio and satellite, make a recording of the whole piece, sample any part of it, download and stream it, and add it to visuals in a film, video, TV, advert or computer game.

All the works are copyright and registered with PRSforMusic. fittonmusic owns 100% of the works copyright, performers own 100% of the recording copyright.

In addition, if you rerecord a piece and add something significant to the original to make a new arrangement, we will also share the work copyright 50:50 with you. Contact us if you are interested.