Call Centre

What it is about

Confusion and misunderstanding.

Inspired by the old call and response spirituals but applied to a modern call centre where the caller gets a menu with 24 options and chooses the wrong one and gets the wrong response and the conversation becomes more and more bizarre while the music chugs along in the background while the caller is on hold ... (any of this sound familiar?)

How it was written

The basic theme emerged from messing about with different chord shapes in the first position on the guitar and using an open tuning. Add a fast tempo and away we go.

Open G

Call Centre open G tuning (0:03)

The piece was written on a guitar tuned to open G.

In open G tuning the strings are tuned to the notes DGDGBD, from the sixth to the first string, to form the chord of G major.

Open tuning is an attractive alternative to standard tuning for writing music. It is handy for writing folk jigs and reels when the emphasis is on the melody and there are only a couple of chords involved. It can be used to write music for the slide guitar. And it stops you getting into a rut using the same old fingering to play the same old chords.


Call Centre verse (0:14)
Call Centre verse
Call Centre verse

Antiphony is the fancy term for singing in a call and response fashion.

Your call is important to us

Call Centre chorus (0:14)
Call Centre chorus
Call Centre chorus

Putting these chords through a chord analyser is an interesting exercise but basically they are all variants of the key chord G.

Tech spec

Title: Call Centre

Key: G

Tempo: 138bpm

Length: 3' 07"

Track 1: steel guitar

Track 2: synth bass

Track 3: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock