Flying Ducks

What it is about

Flying ducks on the living room wall is an archetype for naff taste in Britain.

What that has got to do with the song I don't know but the kitsch image is very appealing.

How it was written

Picture a line of ducks bobbing along.

Ducks deluxe

Flying Ducks bass riff (0:15)
Flying Ducks bass riff
Flying Ducks bass riff

Funky bass playing on the offbeat while the guitar plays the riff over the top and the drums are straight ahead.

Duck ducks

Flying Ducks chorus (0:15)
Flying Ducks chorus
Flying Ducks chorus

A change of key with big sweeping chords as the ducks take off en masse and fly away in formation.

What more do you want? Ecstasy Bruce!

Tech spec

Title: Flying Ducks

Key: A

Tempo: 128bpm

Length: 3' 37"

Track 1: reed organ melody

Track 2: accordion harmony

Track 3: overdrive guitar

Track 4: distortion guitar

Track 5: jazz guitar

Track 6: rock organ

Track 7: fretless bass

Track 8: slap bass

Track 9: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock