What it is about


How it was written

A great song written by friend Nick. It was originally intended for a single guitar but it has been extended to include a second guitar, a guitar solo and a rhythm section.


Nicked harmonics (0:10)
Nicked harmonics
Nicked harmonics

The guitar plays harmonics on the first string at the seventh fret and at the twelfth fret. With a stretch, that is.


Nicked chords (0:08)
Nicked chords
Nicked chords

The G6sus2 chord could be classed as an incomplete A7 chord or an incomplete Em chord with an added eleventh. The same with the rest of the chords in the second and third bars, they can be analysed in different ways.

Naming chords is not for the faint hearted. Chord analysis is based on the triad and any chord that is not a triad, and that includes the majority of chords, is going to have to be put through the mangle just to get it named. Whether this imparts any useful information is a moot point, sometimes, it is just easier to display a chord without naming it.

Tech spec

Title: Nicked

Key: A

Tempo: 120bpm

Length: 3' 24"

Track 1: steel guitar

Track 2: nylon guitar

Track 3: fingered bass

Track 4: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock