Oh no Mister Mole

What it is about

An homage to The Wind in the Willows.

How it was written

Toady, one of the characters in the Wind in the Willows book, easily gets bored and likes change. Hopping about from one key to another whilst changing the meter suits him down to the ground and provides the basic idea behind the piece.

The music modulates between two distant keys, F# and C, which are as far apart as you get. Whilst the modulation from F# to C is gradual and subtle, the one from C back to F# is abrupt, no fancy preparation, no long lead in time, one minute it is C, the next it is F#.

The piece uses a novel technique to change the meter from 4/4 to 5/4. It takes place gradually over 20 bars. Every 5 bars one of the four instruments changes from playing 4/4 to playing a composite (3+3+2+2)/8 riff in 5/4. The process starts with the bass, followed by the drums, then the organ and, finally, the guitar.

Toady would approve.

Every picture tells a story

The Wind in the Willows
The Wind in the Willows

Badger: What's the latest fad then Toad?

Toad (croaks): Music!

Badger (groans): I suppose it starts with you thrashing the drums eh?

Toad: croak.

Ratty: Then you will do something daft like change the rhythm from 4/4 to 5/4?

Toad: croak croak.

Badger: And finish with a cheesy dance beat?

Toad: croak croak croak.

Mole: It won't work Toady.

Toad (hopping about and singing)

Oh no Mister Mole, You know you've been told, I don't take advice, From mice.

Big cheese

Oh no Mister Mole ending (0:16)
Oh no Mister Mole ending
Oh no Mister Mole ending

Cheesy it may be, challenging to play it most definitely is.

Tech spec

Title: Oh no Mister Mole

Key: F#

Tempo: 120bpm

Length: 3' 18"

Track 1: flute melody

Track 2: oboe harmony

Track 3: rock organ

Track 4: nylon guitar

Track 5: fretless bass

Track 6: toms

Track 7: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock