Party Politics

What it is about

Mixing politics with parties: the two don't go together.

How it was written

A tale of two parts. The key cycles between A and D and the tempo of the political party part is half that of the frenetic 220bpm party part.

This would make a great video: the ideal antidote to elections.

The storyboard

Houses of Parliament
A sober institution

0:00 A sober start. Cue images of the UK Houses of Parliament, US Congress and Russia's Kremlin.

Dance the bolero
Dance the bolero

0:08 (cue abrupt change of tempo) Joes Sleazy Nightclub where there is a party going on full tilt.

The peoples happiness
The peoples happiness

0:34 (cue another abrupt change of tempo) The politicians arrive and take over the stage.

A proper party
A proper party

1:01 (cue another abrupt change) The punters take the stage back and start singing themselves.

shout Mao
Shout Mao

1:18 (cue etc etc) The chair sings the party manifesto to a throbbing country rock riff.

Political infighting
Political infighting

1:44 It goes back and forth like this for a while. Tempers fray, fists fly, things degenerate.

Eagle Nebula
Eagle Nebula

2:28 The president asks the Secret Service aide, who is holding the Emergency Satchel, for more alcohol, but inadvertently presses the button marked "Nuclear Bomb" instead of the one marked "Root Beer".

2:50 THE END.

Tech spec

Title: Party Politics

Key: D

Tempo: 220bpm

Length: 2' 50"

Track 1: oboe melody

Track 2: bassoon harmony

Track 3: overdrive guitar

Track 4: guitar harmonics

Track 5: steel guitar

Track 6: banjo

Track 7: picked bass

Track 8: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock