What it is about


How it was written

As a guitar duet.

The lost chord

Piece chord (0:04)
Piece chord
Piece chord

Spent a day messing around with chord shapes and came across this unusual beast.

Online chord analyser programmes clock it as a C11 chord with a Bb root. There are other possibilities, such as a Bb7 6/9 without the third and with an added sharp eleventh. Whatever, the chord sounds lovely.

Exploring chords on a guitar is more difficult than on piano because there are fewer fingers to play with and fingering some chords is hard physical work. The lost chord is almost impossible to play using open strings and might be easier to finger as a barre chord in the fifth position.

Peace and harmony

Piece harmony (0:08)
Piece harmony
Piece harmony

Adding the lost chord to a C-Am-C11-G progression creates the basic harmony. After that, its away we go.

Tech spec

Title: Piece

Key: C

Tempo: 120bpm

Length: 3' 18"

Track 1: steel guitar

Track 2: nylon guitar

Genre: Pop, Rock