What it is about

Go on and try it: it's not trite.

How it was written

By extracting a melody from a harmony.


Triit melodisation (0:15)
Triit melodisation
Triit melodisation

Melodisation, an invented word, is the process of extracting a melody from a harmony.

It works by writing a chord progression, selecting one note from each chord, and stringing them together to form a melody. Have never read about this method before, so have added it to my book and called it, melodisation, to emphasise that it is the opposite of harmonisation, adding a harmony to a melody.

There is a lot of trial and error involved, but the process is easy, and fun too.


Triit ending (0:13)
Triit ending
Triit ending

Another first: a true 6/4 rhythm.

Tech spec

Title: Triit

Key: F

Tempo: 128bpm

Length: 3' 08"

Track 1: ocarina vocal

Track 2: whistle vocal

Track 3: percussive organ

Track 4: distortion guitar

Track 5: nylon guitar

Track 6: pick bass

Track 7: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock