Trolling About

What it is about

Trolls in a wood ... dancing.

How it was written

During a period of mild writers block - wheres the next song going to come from? - was trolling about (pun intended) in the local library and found a book on music theory which suggested restricting yourself to 4 or 5 notes only as a practice exercise in songwriting. Couldn't think of anything better to do so decided to give it a whizz.

Rock trolls

Trolling About riff (0:05)
Trolling About riff
Trolling About riff

Had this guitar riff already in mind: a bluesy pentatonic scale in Am.

And that is how the song got writ. Using only 5 notes to play with whilst trying to keep the thing spartan, just guitar bass and drums, and retaining a slightly ponderous feel. They are trolls after all, great lumbering elephantine beasts.

The main lesson learned was that to write a song using minimal tools you have to try really hard to integrate the instruments. As a guitarist, two things proved extremely useful. First, the bass can carry a melody, it doesn't always have to be the piano or the guitar. Second, it is hard to write a good drum part.

Tech spec

Title: Trolling About

Key: A

Tempo: 112bpm

Length: 3' 15"

Track 1: distortion guitar

Track 2: picked bass

Track 3: drumset

Genre: Pop, Rock