Pop song


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Pop song
Figure: pop song

pop song plays a one-minute pop song by a four-piece band consisting of lead singer, lead guitar, bass guitar and drums. The pop song figure shows the pop song has three sections:

  1. Verse.
  2. Bridge.
  3. Chorus.

A pop song is a short song of 3-5 minutes length.

The structure of a pop song is sectional.

A pop song contains up to three sections. The sections are called verse, bridge and chorus. The terms are taken from vocal pop music but they apply equally to instrumental pop.

In pop song the verse and chorus are sung, the bridge is instrumental, and the overall song has a definite structure: verse then bridge then chorus.

The verse in pop song lasts 16 bars, the bridge is 8 bars, and the chorus is also 8 bars. In total, the length is 32 bars. The tempo is a moderately fast 128bpm and the meter is 4/4. The song lasts exactly 60 seconds.

pop song is much shorter than your usual pop song because it was designed that way. A typical pop song lasts between three and five minutes. pop song can easily be expanded from one minute to three minutes without adding any new material. An example is VVCVCBBCC where V, the verse, is played three times; C, the chorus, is played four times; and B, the bridge, is repeated once.

As well as repeating itself, a section can be tweaked to make a variant. The general principle is to start simple and then add more and more variation. Here are some typical ruses for creating a variant:

  • Start with a solo melody in the verse. Tweak it slightly to create a variant. Add harmony to create a further variant.
  • Gradually add more instruments to each repeat to thicken the timbre.
  • Add more sound effects to a section or to all the sections as the song progresses. For example, all the parts in verse have a small amount of reverb added and the drums are lightly compressed at a 1.5:1 ratio.