Triangle wave


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Triangle wave
Figure: triangle wave

triangle wave plays a triangle wave. The triangle wave figure shows that its waveform is shaped like a triangle.

A triangle wave consists of a harmonic series of odd-numbered partials. The amplitude of each partial is inversely proportional to the square of its number.

The fundamental in triangle wave has a frequency of 100Hz, the second partial has a frequency of 300Hz and its amplitude is one ninth of the fundamental, the third partial has a frequency of 500Hz and an amplitude of 1/25 the fundamental, and so on.

A triangle wave has a much gentler and softer sound than a saw wave because the amplitude of the partials falls off sharply.

A triangle wave synth instrument is used to write melody and harmony. It produces a light sound which some say resembles that of a flute.

A triangle wave is a good source for producing gentle sound effects with a liquid bubbly sound.